19 October 2010

Winter is coming

so today's outfit is a very wintry outfit. I had to wrap up warm because it was so cold out! today i had to go to college at 12.45 for an assessment of all my work for the past 5 weeks! and i was petrified. in the end i passed and my tutor was really happy with me cause I'm doing an Art and design course and she said I'm doing really well seeing as i came from a textiles background. so all is good! and the old stress free rose is back! and should be back into the swing of blogging too. Lets hope anyway. so what I'm wearing today is my American Apparel hoodie which i have to say seems to be glued to me. ever since I've bought it i haven't really taken it off. apart from the odd wash of course! but i love it. it's goes with everything and goes under denim jackets so well. LOVE it. recommend it to anyone that needs some kind of winter jumper. i always thought they were too expensive but i realised £38 isn't too bad for a thick jumper like this. I'm also wearing my Topshop hook and eye dress. bought this a few weeks ago but never wore it. but i love it! i feel really comfy in it and i think it suits my figure quite well. it seems to hide my stomach which is a good thing! i like the length aswell. not too short (well some people may disagree with that) and not too long either! just the way i like it. it only cost me £26 so i must say i am very happy with it. I am wearing my trusty topshop boots. Love them..there getting abit battered recently but i think that adds a nice touch to them. don't like wearing shoes that are clean and new. need them to be broken in and have the worn effect. Socks are also from topshop. very warm i must say! oh almost forgot about the scarf. I've had it for so long now! i love it (Even though it itches like hell) it's from H&M from a long time ago but i always wear it! lovely and warm. I think i've featured this bag before but it's my satchel from Primark a cheap one only £9! it's really good for college. cause i have to carry so much it's a great size. i hadn't used the strap before but i put it on today and i love it! so much easier to carrying it on my arm.

So i hope you've all had a lovely Tuesday! I'm currently sat in bed watching TV. i think i deserve a lazy afternoon due to the amount of work I've been doing over the past couple of days. it's all been for the best though and now i don't have to worry anymore because I've passed! so i am a happy person. Also i probably wont be blogging much next week. actually let me rephrase that. i probably wont be blogging atall as I'm in Cornwall for the week with my friend Amber and her family. So i wont be taking my laptop with me. I'm looking forward to it because Cornwall is one of the best places for charity shops so I'm hoping i can find some good bargains!

the pictures at the top were meant to be at the bottom. but it's decided not to work for me! i was getting very frustrated with placing the pictures. it never seems to go right for me!


  1. Gotta love a bit of Topshop, that dress looks lovely on you Rose! I really like those boots as well, I SO wish I wasn't on a budget ): Well done for the college results as well, I've already said it but I'm so happy for you! xxx

  2. Michelle: aww thankyou! mm yeah I am now on a budget. got no money left and need a job so bad!xx

  3. awesome boots and bag!! you look great xx

  4. Omg you have my bag in Brown!!! I love it :) Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! xx


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