20 November 2010

love of shoes

So annoyingly i don't have an outfit post for you lot today. I wanted to show you my outfit yesterday cause i actually quite liked it, but yeah i forgot and my friends were round and i didn't want to be like oh yeah can you take a picture of me please.. so i didn't! and now my tights have ripped so it sadly wont be the same the next time i wear it! but oh well, I'll take a picture the next time. So yesterday i went to the new and very very amazing Urban outfitters that has just opened up in Brighton. I wasn't excited before but i am one happy shopper right now. it's amazing much better then i thought it was going to be, the shops so brilliant and it's massive! but the only bad thing is, i went in there with about 10p in my purse it was the most horrible experience. i wanted literally EVERYTHING and had no money. But i just kept thinking in my mind 'christmas soon christmas soon' so i shall hopefully be spending my money in there! or i'll get my mum and dad to get me some things from there. it's a tad expensive though but it's just so worth it. some pieces are just lovely. I would show you all the things i want from the website but i think it might go on for too long and i don't really have time today as i have a lot of work to do. fun work though! drawing victorian clothes. starting Fashion project Monday and i couldn't be more excited, and theres a fashion show at the end of it all too so it's all very exciting!. anyway what i wanted to show you today was my shoe collection...i say the word collection very loosely because it's hardly a collection but it's a few pairs of shoes i manipulated in my textiles project. I went up to my old secondary school yesterday and got them back! so heres some..

 so these are my first shoes, I did this for one of my final pieces, they took 10 hours to make! i first  paper mached (sorry don't know how to spell it!) a cheap primark pair of heels. they took SO long to dry. i then had to rip up all the sweet rappers, oh yeah i didn't mention..it's all made from Roses sweet rappers! I'm surprised i didn't put on about 10 stone but i had to eat SO many chocolates to get enough rappers. I was sick of chocolate after that. so yeah then i just stuck loads of strips of rappers on the shoe and on the bottoms, theeeen i did latch hook for the rug effect on the side of the shoe! so yeah they took me SO long to make but i'm quite proud of them. they've gotten a bit battered now but no one made things like that in my textiles class they all made like embroidery so i thought i would be a bit different and try it!

 These also took me ages, i did these after my final piece ones because i had to carry on with the project after so i could get a better mark. So i made these, they were also some cheap pumps quilted pumps from Primark. i got blisters on my hands from doing this cause it was so hard to push the needle through dedicated right? haha.
 these i did last minute because we had loads of time left before we finished year 11 so i decided to go back and make some more shoes. These were some old shoes from Topshop that had gone a bit old and smelly. i punched holes in them with a belt puncher thing and then stuck the flowers thorough and put glue around it. this was tedious because the flowers kept falling out and the glue wasn't drying got VERY frustrated but i finally finished them. i don't particularly like these but yeah i thought I'd show you them
 these were my converse i did. I probably shouldn't of stitched on these because they were quite new converse that i had never worn but i didn't really want them so i used them, but thinking about it now i would probably wear them now..I only have an odd one left in my wardrobe, oh well! this took me so long too as it was so hard to push a needle through the thick fabric but yeah i thought these looked quite good with all the buttons! i then stuck some lace onto the tongue and back to make it look better.

So sorry about not having an outfit post this week. I wasn't sure if i wanted to post things about my art/textiles because i wanted it to be a Fashion blog. but because i haven't got anything else to show you i thought i'd do this! hope you enjoyed them, and tell me what you think of them..
Will defiantly have a outfit post for you lot tomorrow. Because if i don't then i am a bad bad blogger! meant to be going to be a party tonight but i might cancel it and finish off all my work hmm decisions decisions.
thank you everyone that follows and comments i really appreciate it! i haven't had any new follows for a while now :( i'm stuck on 58! not that thats bad i love you all xo


  1. i actually really want the pair you got blisters from, like really really! and i really like the converse too, i have some, which are polka dot that i've had for like 5 years so they look terribly dated so i might do this :)

    love love <3


  2. I like how you took normal, everyday items to change up the look of the shoes. You have so much patience! All in all, pretty good project. I feel bad for your poor fingers!

  3. Ooooh wow I love all of these! They look so good :)

    Your blog is so lovely! Following :)

    Chloe... x

  4. Wow, you jazzed up all of these shoes? They are AMAZING! I loveee them soooooo much. Especially the flower ones, they are gorgeous!
    Great blog! We should follow eachother?
    visit mine some time...
    Nat xoxo
    I'm following you now :D


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