08 September 2011

Weird week

Outfit 1, Shorts and Jumper Urban Outfitters
Outfit 2, Leggings Topshop Jumper Urban Outfitters Scarf Vintage Jacket Vintage Levi
Hello people, I'm back! wasn't gone long was i? I knew it wouldn't last long. But it was nice to have a break i guess it made me think things and shit like that haha.  so I'll fill you in with the week I've had

I went back to college Tuesday and i was dreading it. But i went and it was quite shit.. but then isn't everyones first day back shit. Been split up from everyone i know but oh well I guess thats going to happen in life sometimes isn't it!
Tuesday went ok and so did the rest of the week. I've become a lot less...well I've stopped caring so much how my work turns out. In some ways thats good as i now just DO IT instead of worrying about making a mistake and worrying about 'oh no I'm shit at drawing' i just do it and yeah. Guess thats what 1st year taught me. I'm not saying i love college, i kind of hate it. But I'm just going to stick at it and can't wait to get on to Oct/Nov where we choose our pathways and i can finally concentrate on textiles.

Pictures are a few i took this week, First is the book my Auntie got me! I love it.. It'll be great for college as well! such a amazing designs in there. A few outfit shots from this week too not that there good ones but the first one is my usual the shorts and my UO knit jumper. Then my outfit from the other day..I don't wear this denim jacket enough! I've not really worn it at all to tell the truth. I got it from my Auntie and it's really old as you can tell as it's faded and has a rip on the elbow but i kinda like it because of that! scarf is from Portobello market a few years ago.

I'm kind of still a little distant. I'm not sure blogging isn't really getting me excited at the moment! I'll get better though i promise. I'm hoping to do some shopping soon as i am in desperate need of a coat (after the rain storm the other day i got drenched) so I am on a look out for a nice one! also just need a whole new wardrobe re vamp as i am fucking bored shitless with mine! I've ended up wearing one of my brothers shirts because i hate most of my clothes hahah!

Anyway i hope you've all had a lovely week! I wasn't even gone a week? I'm so bad at sticking to anything..Guess it wasn't much of a blogging break! but at least everything is sorted with college and my best friend so thats nice. Definitely need to sleep a lot this weekend! 9-5 everyday is taking it's toll already! forgot what it was like after a lazy summer. Can't wait to get into this year and hope that something good happens.I want big things to happen haha! hopefully with my modelling but who knows. I did have a random old women come up to me today in the street she was staring at me then said ' oh wow you look like twiggy' thanks old women! it's a massive complement


  1. i bet that William Morris book is a delight to look at x

  2. yay for william morris, i adore his work. looks like a lovely little book. lovin' your vintage scarf and denim cut offs too.

    ah, what a lovely compliment! so sweet! will you be at london fashion week, by the way? xx

  3. I love william morris' work, that book looks so pretty :) Nice outfits! xx

  4. Glad your back to blogging lovely! I'm glad your going to stick into college and glad you've sorted things out with your friend :) these pictures are lovely :) xx


  5. Ooh, what is that book about? (: Thank you for the comments on my blog sweet, means a lot to know people even care a little bit! I've been feeling a lull in blogging too, hardly anything new on my Dashboard makes me want a break while everyone is on hols haha. I can't wait to get back to Uni and get to grips with new projects. xxxx

  6. Your photo's are sooo good, photo's like yours always make blog's much better to look at. I've never saw William Morris' work, but that book looks really interesting. Wow, such a compliment off that woman, hope your modelling all works out :) xx

  7. that book looks awesome, im glad you're back to blogging! i need a new coat too its getting so cold!

  8. Being told you look like Twiggy is the best compliment ever. Old people can be so lovely sometimes.
    I'm really loving those boots and that denim jacket, I don't think I've seen it before.
    I feel EXACTLY the same about college. I can't wait to choose my path, hopefully I'll be with people that actually want to work. What are you planning to choose? I want to hurry up and get a few weeks into the year so we're actually doing work. So pointless going in on induction week for the new students.
    Glad every things well again with you. I didn't think you would be away for long haha. I'm sure your modelling career will come in time, you're too pretty.

  9. i really love that scarff...xx

  10. I think you should pull yourself together and try your best or quit. I think that if you really hate something you shouldn't do it because then you are not good at it. But then again, it's your first week, hard to tell anything for sure yet. See how it goes and well you can always choose something else later.
    Btw, the book looks great!

    London Last Night

  11. william morris is amazing! i hope you love that book! being told you look like twiggy is awesome, and don't worry, college gets better! xx

  12. i have a scarf similar to this, love tartan scarfs. still reallllly want a rupert bear style yellow one.
    aw glad things are sorted with you friend and muddling on with college its hard after having a long break, I remember the pre back to school butterflies errr. xxxx

  13. I love your boots! <3 They are oh-so gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  14. I am absolutely in love with that book! What a gorgeous design ^^ Ahh somebody actually came up to you and said that? I was just watching a Twiggy biography and marveling at how stunning she is - that must be such an amazing compliment! :D

  15. I love William Morris and those shoes are gorgeous!! xx

  16. Wow, I love the shoes!

  17. I love the boots, I have a pair from Office which are similar (the topshop one you bought are nicer!) but i got mine half price so i'm quite pleased! I'm such a bargain hunter! x

  18. Pretty hair! I hope you get things sorted soon. x hivenn


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