08 July 2013

I'm off

That isn't accurate just couldn't think of a picture to go with this lol.

I am gone, Once this goes live (10am Monday morning) I will be finally reunited with Ed in Barcelona.
And I am so fucking excited
I thought I'd do a blogpost to just explain why I'm gone (if anyone cares) and why I wont be blogging.
I am off to Spain for 3 weeks to spend my time with Ed
When I get back I'm not sure what is going to happen to my blog, I'm either going to keep up with it or let it go. I will get back and I'm pretty sure I wont be in the frame of mind to do anything apart from work towards New Zealand as when I get back from Spain I wont be seeing Ed for at least 5/6 months. I know we can get through it and I know it'll be for the best but fuck me it's going to be hard, VERY hard.
So If this is a goodbye then I want to say thank you to everyone, But i will most likely be back.
And anyway, I'm sure this will turn into an adventure (haha) blog when I finally make my way to the other side of the world

I will still be tweeting and instagraming while I'm away!

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  1. Enjoy your time with Ed, hope you have a lovely holiday! Good luck with everything, if you do decide to post again or not x

  2. Have an awesome time Rose, I know you've been super excited about this so I hope you enjoy every second! xxx

  3. Ah, hope you have an amazing time in Spain with Ed! I'm so excited for you! You'd better make a return to bloggin', if only for the snaps of your cats :P xx

  4. Aww have a wonderful time in Barcelona...I am so jealous!! I hope you keep up your blog -- but I can't wait to see the Instagram pics during your adventure! Just followed you there!

    I'm sure you'll enjoy this time together...before being apart. That'll be hard, but you can do it!

  5. Hope you have a good time!!xx


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